“Before I congratulate her on being crowned Miss America, I would like to ask her a few questions.”

“Thank you very much. I’d just like to say I want world peace and to create a world where children can grow up healthy and happy.”

“Yes I know. You’ve said that already. During the swimsuit portion. Remember that? You look good in a swimsuit by the way.”

“Thank you. How can I help you?”

“Why should I vote for Donald Trump?”

“Because he’s rich.”

“Any other reason?”

“Well, he’s been on TV…and he’s rich.”

“I guess we can’t underestimate celebrity. The Ronald Reagan effect.”

“Was this Ronald Reagan rich, too?”

“He was an actor.”

“So, he was rich.”

“Might have been. People knew him.”

“From TV?”
“From his movies.  What do you think Donald Trump will do?”

“He’s rich.”


“He can do whatever he feels like.”

“Like building a wall on the border to keep out unwanted immigrants or terrorists?”

“He’s rich enough to build it himself.”

“But will he? If he is elected president, will his party let him?”

“He’s rich.”


“He doesn’t have to listen to his political party. He’s rich.”

“But he can’t even control his wife.”

“Because he’s busy building hotels and stuff. He can’t do everything, be everywhere, no matter how rich he is.”

“But if he’s president, will he drop his investments to concentrate on the country’s needs?”

“That’s why we should vote for him. He’s rich enough not to have to worry.”

“Worry about the little guy?”

“No, silly, about after being the president.”

“So, the little guy is on his own?”

“Not as long as he’s buying Donald Trump’s stuff. Selling to the little guy is how he got rich. There’s a relationship there.”

“So, he needs the little guy?”

“Yes. He’s a man of the people, rich as he is.”

“Which is why you’d vote for him.”

“Yes. He’s rich. And I’ll strive for world peace and a world where children can grow up healthy and happy.”