I’m still upset about it.

I reviewed Coldplay, April 21, and in the process slagged the opening act. That’s ok; if I didn’t like ’em, I didn’t like ’em.

The trouble is, I got the wrong act. The band I thought was The Pierces was actually Metronomy. Consequently, The Pierces are upset, I’m upset that The Pierces are upset and I’m surprised by how much this blunder has upset me.

In all the years of reviewing, I’ve never made this mistake and, the way I normally work, never thought I would. If I wanted to rationalize this, I’d say it was bound to happen. When it did, I lost sleep and spent a long time wondering how I could rectify the situation.

I have excuses prepared. First, I spent all my time getting closer to Coldplay at the expense of the opening acts. I’d seen Coldplay twice before but never felt  either review captured the point the band was at. I listened to the current album incessantly, made notes, read what I could. The subsequent review of the April 21 show had me feeling good; perhaps I’d finally given Coldplay  its due. Then, the mistake was pointed out. I felt terrible, especially since I’d tried  so hard to prepare for Coldplay. In fact, I’d forgotten all about Metronomy and the only reason I remembered The Pierces was that I was sent an email about the group by its publicist.

Prior to the concert, I’d called Rogers Arena about reserving a space in the handicapped area. Thus assured I had a space under my name, my friend Tommy Kuzsel and I drove to Rogers Arena. The gate keeper didn’t know anything about handicapped parking, so time was consumed convincing her we were allowed and had reserved a space, waited for an elevator. Then, we asked Rogers’ security about where we were assigned to park. Security didn’t know any more than the gatekeeper. We were led to Will Call and used up more time, waited for an elevator to take us up to our floor, slowly walked the 12 sections to 118. By the time we reached our seats, The Pierces had been and gone. The lights went down and a band came on. Not knowing The Pierces had played already and having completely forgotten Metronomy, I assumed this was The Pierces. Wrong.

It didn’t help that Metronomy never introduced itself – or, if it did, I never heard such an announcement. The error was made and, despite the circumstances, I can’t hide from it.

It’s one of those things reviewers laugh about. There are stories about reviewers critiquing the opening act as the headliner, others reviewing shows that never happened. Poor schmuck, we think, and snigger. As well, such a mistake undermines credibility in the public eye. Not to say it also erodes the reviewer’s confidence.

I might be too self-conscious. I’ve confessed my guilt to others who have concluded that this is no big deal. Yet, it is to The Pierces and it is to me.

If were to do this again, I’d recommend The Pierces and skip Metronomy.