What if the ugly is beautiful and the beautiful is ugly?

How would that reversal change our value system?

These are questions for intellectuals much deeper than I, but I found myself wondering what constitutes beauty and, conversely, what constitutes ugly? I can only guess that these concepts are deeply ingrained. We know intuitively what is beautiful  but do we know why. Who said?

And who said, beauty is only skin deep? Could you be ugly on the inside? Also, if you’re ugly on the outside, could you be beautiful on the inside?

Maybe. There are men who are trim and fit with a wife or girlfriend that is horrendous, dumpy and out of shape.  Similarly, there are lithe women with terrible slobs. Maybe they see inner beauty. That brings to mind another phrase: you can’t judge a book by looking at the cover.

Manufacturers can save millions of dollars by never having to encourage women to shave their legs or men to use deodorant.

Money can be saved by not forcing people to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. They will anyway. KFC offers nothing but sugar, fat and salt. If you want to be ugly, load up on KFC, and, while you’re at it, have more French fries. Then, go  to MacDonald’s, luvin’ it.

So, if TV advertising will change, what about something like Fashion Television, where all the runway models don’t look like they’ve luved anything, and all the fashion designers look ludicrous and appear to be living vicariously? Will the commentary change?

“Here’s our first model, gallumphing down the corridor, armed for bear.”

“I love how her orange t-shirt that says “I’m With Stupid.” sets off those baggy short pants.”

“She doesn’t look like she’s shaved her legs in years.  Those moles! Wow. Fantastic!”

“I wonder how she got her hair all tangled like that.”

“Probably hasn’t washed it in weeks.”

“Do you really think so? I’m sorry, I have to confess that I give in every few days.”

“Why? Nobody cares.”

“Wait a minute, who’s that joining her?”

“It’s our first male model. Look at the gut on him!”

“That’s a lot of pizzas.”

“Maybe not. Maybe he just doesn’t exercise.”

“Good for him. I’ve never seen the point in running. And gyms are just too expensive.”

“Why would you want to lose weight anyway?”

“Good question.  Pass me that bucket of KFC.”

“Is KFC today’s sponsor?”

“I don’t think so. KFC  just showed up promising not to give us a veggie platter.”