Introducing the Smartgun.

The ordinary handgun is useless but for one thing.  It can’t be used as a doorstop, a paper weight, bottle opener or hammer. The handgun exists for one reason: To shoot people. People might buy a handgun saying it’s only for target practice  but what is the ultimate target? Sooner or later, it will be used.

Until then, a person is stuck with a gun that just sits there, taking up space, weighing them down, costing them money.

The Smartgun is more than that. It takes phone calls and photos, records messages, sends and receives text, as well  as shooting people.

It’s handy: No more packing a phone and a gun when you can combine them into one easy bundle.

It’s versatile: With a Smartgun a person can shoot first and dial an ambulance seconds later.

It’s reality: Televise your own crime scene. Post it on You Tube.

It’s economical: Just point the Smartgun at your target and it does the rest. Finds, fires, never misses. Save on expensive bullets.

However, it does come with a few disclaimers.

Having a Smartgun with a hair trigger is not advised.

Read the operator’s manual. Know which switch fires the gun. Otherwise a person could shoot themselves or a loved one while intending to take a photograph.

Don’t wave the gun at a rock concert. It could scare others in the crowd and upset security.

Keep away from children. They already know more than an adult about computers so shooting their parents shouldn’t be a problem.