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Cover of Tom Harrison's History of Vancouver Rock 'n' Roll e-book.

The ebook, published by The Province and HarperCollins Canada, is $7.99 and available for purchase at:

Tom has captured the essence of the era. It is a must-read if you want to know more about our rock ’n’ roll history. DJ Red Robinson

The history of Vancouver rock ‘n’ roll is populated by pioneers, visionaries and mavericks. Many of those work(ed) behind the scenes. The musical talent always has always been here, but not the infrastructure (managers, producers, independent labels) needed. While musicians plugged away, learning what they needed to succeed, the support formed. Music and business merged and went out in the world as a symbiotic relationship. There was trial and error but eventually a music industry was created.

From The Poppy Family to BTO, Bryan Adams to Sarah McLachlan, Nickelback to Michael Buble — No. 1 stars all — the history of Vancouver rock ’n’ roll is their story and the story of countless others.

My History of Vancouver Rock ’n’ Roll, available now in ebook format, looks at the pioneers, visionaries and mavericks who got the local recording industry off the ground and turned it into a music hotbed with international stars and producers.

It features new interviews with such performers as Adams, McLachlan, Terry Jacks, Al Harlow and Mike Reno, DJs Red Robinson and Terry David Mulligan, managers Bruce Allen and Sam Feldman, and producers Bob Rock and Mike Fraser.

Sample Reviews from Amazon

Vancouver rocks!
By Leonard Baylisson – November 2, 2015
Quite interesting reading about the various people involved,interconnecting people,bands

Calling all Vancouver music fans:
By Barry Samuelson – September 23, 2015
A great read, especially for anyone who has been around the Vancouver music scene over the years

By Greg Blakeon – August 18, 2015
I grew up in that era in Vancouver so I was able to reference all that Tom wrote ! But what about Bruno Gerussi’s medallion ??
Tom Harrison writes about what he knows best, neighbours, friends, and friends of friends. They just happened to be in the music

ByTed bishopon – August 18, 2015
A genuine reflection of the lives and loves of the surprisingly large and talented Vancouver rock community. Plus it must be remembered that stars from all over the world travelled to Vancouver to record and enjoy the Vacouver life style.Tom Harrison is an enjoyable writer who lived among the music community, so, if it was going on, he knew about it.

You Can Rock, But you can’t Hide.
ByRay Ramsayon – August 4, 2015
Having been in the Biz, it’s a great read, I was there for it too some of it working with Tom and he knows of what he speaks.
For the Great unwashed public, it’s a great peek behind the curtain for an idea of how it worked, it’s a time piece, it won’t happen again.
Ding! Ding! School is in!