“Welcome to The Last Supper Restaurant. I’ll be assisting you in your suicide but before we go into that, what would you like to eat as this will be your last meal?”

“Thank you. Could I see the menu first?”

“Certainly. I’ll be serving you and then helping you to kill yourself. My name is Grim Reaper.”

“Thank Mr. Reaper.”

“Call me Grim. Would you like smoking or non-smoking?”

“Does it matter?”

“No, but we have to ask.”

“You must be the only restaurant that has a smoking section.”

“Well, it’s not like we’re worried about the damage caused by smoking. Or the effect of second hand smoke.”

“I guess the customers here are all going to die sooner or later.”

“In this case sooner. Soon as.”

“Anything you’d recommend?”

“Our special tonight is to die for. Oops.”

“Maybe I’ll indulge a bit.”

“Why not? You only live once.”

“And you only die  once.”

“Unless you believe in reincarnation. What will you have?

“A full order of the baby back ribs. Not the half I usually get.”

“Very well, sir. Anything else?”

“How about cheesecake for dessert?”

“One of our most popular items.”

“And after that, you help me to die.”

“That’s the service we offer. How would you like to go? Slit your wrists?”

“I don’t like cutlery.”

“Freeze to death/”

“Too cold.”


“What if I changed my mind halfway? Too late by then.”

“Overdose of pills?”

“Takes too long.”


“Too messy.”

“OK. Just look over the menu and then decide. It’s your funeral.”

“Funeral? That is another matter.”

“Cremation or burial?”

“It should be in my will.”

“OK. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Sorry about that.”

“I guess you need the last laugh.”

“Yes. What else is there to live for?”