“I’m gonna blow this pop stand.”

“What? You’re an octopus. This is an aquarium.”

“I’m escaping.”

“How? What?’

“Down the drainpipe.”

“And then what? Miles of park, miles of dry land.”

“The drainpipe leads to the open sea. The ocean. I’ll be free.”

“OK, but then what?”

“Maybe find a girl octopus.”

“But why do you want to escape in the first place?”

“Don’t like the food and only eating at regular hours. Also, this is an aquarium.  Once you’ve gone around in a circle, you’ve seen all there is to see. You get bored.”

“Let’s say you escape, what then?”

“I am an octopus of destiny.”


“I’m cut out for better things.  Maybe I’ll make a record. It’s been a long time since I rocked and rolled.”


“Maybe I’ll be a basketball star. These eight arms…”


“These eight tentacles would make me a valuable defender and a great dribbler. I could be my own team”

“You’re an encephalopod.”


“So you need to live underwater. You can’t live on land.”

“I’ll worry about that later. First I’ll leave. Having no backbone means I can squeeze myself into a tiny ball and away I’ll go.”

“Well, good luck then.”

“Luck has nothing to do with it. For I am an octopus of destiny.”